A Physician, A Scientist, and an Epi-nerd walk into Ebola…

TWiV 341

Here’s a great episode from Earth’s Professor of Virology – Vincent Racaniello – on his weekly Podcast about viruses. The kind….that make you sick! In this episode we get a fantastic insight into the challenges the Ebola outbreak in west Africa has had (and continues to…) on the likes of infectious disease Physicians, field volunteer scientists and epi-nerds. You can watch the

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Paradoxic pandemic: The inexorable spread of hand, foot and mouth disease


Originally posted on Wellcome Trust Blog:
As researchers describe a new way to make vaccines to fight diseases like foot and mouth disease in animals and polio in humans, we look at a related human viral infection called hand, foot and mouth disease. Recent outbreaks in Cambodia and Vietnam raise the prospect of what is often considered to be an innocuous childhood infection…

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Reservoir Dogs

With Brownie in Solana

The cockerels were exuberantly sounding the alarm, proclaiming the ascent of the Far Eastern sun as though the new day offered potential to every desire in these spiritual lands. Cock-a-doodle-doo!!!! Cock-a-doodle-doo!!!! The other vacationers, which included my English father and Filipino mother with a collage of cousins, uncles and aunties, had voyaged from the polluted megalopolis of Manila to this

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