Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease

HFMD is associated with viral infection. It was first described in Canada, and Coxsackie virus was found to be the cause.

Enterovirus 71, a strictly human virus, can cause mild infection in children to life-threatening brain infections. The EV-71 and HFMD association is geographically limited to Southeast Asia and the western Pacific Region. It has gained particularly high spread in the last few years, with Vietnam experiencing a country-wide epidemic since 2011. EV-71Ā causes mild illness in the majority of cases and yet it puts a massive burden on hospitals because we cannot tell who is at high risk of severe illness.

At present, there are no vaccines or antivirals specific for the virus – with treatment aimed at alleviating symptoms.






Paradoxic Pandemic (March 2013 – Wellcome Trust)

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