Contemplating Cambridge’s Creation

Micky J Fox finds some respite en route to Geneva in the historic “Eagle” in Cambridge, the accredited birthplace for DNA. Fox reflects on reaching a quarter of the £1000 target for Parkinson’s UK, and how the discovery of DNA is enabling groundbreaking research in Parkinson’s Disease research today.

Team #BikeyMcBikeface reached Cambridge after a beautiful (sodden) first day’s cycle. We are taking a day to regather, catch up with old friends and embrace Cambridge before jetting off tomorrow in pursuit of London. It’s incredible to think how we have already reached 1/4 of our target and it’s all down to incredible support from friends and family – this means the world to people who live with Parkinson’s and all family and friends affected by the disease too. Thank you!

We decided to take Micky J Fox into The Eagle, a famous pub in the history of DNA and medicine – as it is where Watson and Crick first declared “the secret of life” in having scientific evidence for the structure of DNA. Although the vast majority of Parkinson’s cases have an unknown cause, it is clear that just less than 10% of cases have a genetic basis. A few of the genes which, when dysfunctional and/or mutated, can result in Parkinsonism symptoms include:

  • Parkin
  • SNCA
  • DJ-1
  • PINK1

Parkinson’s UK know there is still a plethora of scientific work to do in order to unravel the causes of Parkinson’s disease. It is far from straight forward, and that is why all of your support – no matter the shape or form – truly counts. As for many diseases, medical research makes a lasting impact for patients and all of their carers. Team #BikeyMcBikeface kindly ask for donations to Parkinson’s UK by going to the website

Micky J Fox is off to London tomorrow. The Mucker is enjoying himself. Wish him well!

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