Tropical Health

I love learning about Health in the Tropics, for a whole host of reasons; bringing me closer to a part of my family history; looking at health from an animal and environmental viewpoint as well as a human one; novelty; the people I have laughed with, ate questionable street-food with, and learned with. Many of my close friends have told me how full of excitement my eyes become when I have the chance to talk about Virology. I think that counts for something I am not yet articulate enough to fully explain.

Current Position: Medical Student – Leicester University, UK

Relevant Background:

  • MSc Medical Microbiology –  London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine,
  • Zoonotic Virus surveillance project at Oxford University’s Clinical Research Unit, HCMC, Vietnam.
  • Former Research Lead to First Aid NGO in Tanzania, Malawi, Kenya.
  • BSc Biology – University of Edinburgh


Border Cross

Interviews from the field #1: Mum’s the Word

Paradoxic Pandemic: The Inexorable Spread

A Physician, A Scientist and an Epi-Nerd walk into Ebola

Reservoir Dogs

TB or not TB? That is the question.

These woes ain’t Royal

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