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Love, in the Time of Zika

On the Italian coastline, overlooking the shimmering calm of the Adriatic Sea, I’ve been catching up with an old friend whilst finally having chance to immerse into Garcia’s Love in the Time of Cholera. Her heart for Brazil and love for all health issues regarding Mother and Child, combined with my own intrigue for emerging viruses, has led us to discuss the inevitable. The Zika Virus.

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New Year, New V

I have flown straight into back-to-back Philippine Typhoons, hearing frequent reports of floods and landslides. Looking forward to 2016, there is cautious optimism amongst scientists and clinicians for combating an altogether different geographical hazard across this region of tropics, with the potential rollout of a vaccine for Dengue Virus!

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Hello! Wellcome to this new blog all about tropical diseases and health. I have deliberately misspelt “welcome” to highlight the exciting news that the Wellcome Trust  has appointed a Professor of Tropical Medicine and Global Health as their new director; Jeremy Farrar. Tropical Disease specialist named as new Wellcome Trust Director The Wellcome trust is a charitable powerhouse when it comes

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