How to conduct a clinical trial during a disease outbreak

Great achievement these trials.

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Ebola Lang 2A year after the WHO declared the Ebola outbreak to be a health emergency, new cases continue to emerge in Guinea and Sierra Leone. Oxford Professor of Global Health Research Trudie Lang is part of a team that has been carrying out clinical trials of potential Ebola therapies – some of the first to ever be conducted in the midst of an epidemic. In a follow up to a recent commentary piece for Nature, she shares some of her tips for designing and operating a clinical trial during a disease outbreak…

Clinical trials are cumbersome and difficult in any setting. They take a long time to set up, are highly regulated and are (although they don’t always need to be) expensive.

Within the context of an infectious disease outbreak, such as Ebola, meeting the existing challenges while trying to set up a trial within the narrow window where cases…

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